Thursday, April 4, 2013

Top 10 Favorite Books. . .For Kids

Spring at last! Or at least it finally feels that way in Boston. I love to see the crocuses blooming, the kids hunting for Easter eggs, neighbors coming out of hibernation to say hello. As anyone in these parts will tell you, it's been a long winter. And while I'm tempted to blog about any number of things on my spring "to-do" list (e.g. writing the next novel; organizing my closet; alphabetizing my recipe box for once), I'm much more excited to share a favorite books list with you all.

Not a list of my favorite books -- but my four-year-old's favorites -- because lately, my friends and I have been sharing books that have been hits with our kids. Granted, it's a random selection: some are classics, others less well-known.There are so many wonderful stories available, old and new. What are some of your children's favorites? Please comment and add titles below so we can share with other parents!

1. Pirates Don't Change Diapers (by Melinda Long & David Shannon). Any of the David books would be a hit in our house, but the humor in this one is irresistible. The title says it all.

2. Mrs. Brown Went to Town (by Wong Herbert Yee). The silly rhymes and watercolor illustrations bring this outlandish story to life. When Mrs. Brown lands in the hospital after a biking accident, the animals in her barn move into her house and have a party.

3. The Kettles Get New Clothes (by Dayle Ann Dodds; illustrated by Jill McElmurry) The fashionable Monsieur Pip grows increasingly frustrated as he tries to outfit the unassuming Kettles. The French exclamations peppered throughout, the colorful illustrations, and the smiling baby Kettle, who seems to be the only one who shares Monsieur Pip's sense of style, will keep your child laughing.

4. The Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race (by Stan & Jan Berenstain). A classic that we've been reading together since my son was two. The memorable rhymes are favorites. It's a good book for your youngster to "read" to you after having read it several hundred times before!

5. And the Rain Came Down (also by David Shannon). Beautifully illustrated, this story follows a cast of characters who are grumpy until, that is, the sun comes out.

6. The Lion and the Mouse (by Jerry Pinkney). This Caldecott winner that's based on the Aesop's fable has no words but my son loves to "read" the story to us.

7. Sammy the Seal (by Syd Hoff). I like this book and Hoff's Danny and the Dinosaur almost as much as I adore the Frog and Toad books (though my four-year-old has yet to warm to Frog & Toad). In Sammy the Seal, Sammy ventures out of the zoo for a trip to the city, where a seal can get into a lot of trouble.

8. Hop on Pop (by Dr. Seuss). The silly rhymes of Dr. Seuss never get old. A fun book that belongs on any beginning reader's list, at least to my mind. (One Fish, Two Fish and Green Eggs And Ham come in a close second and third).

9. A Day at the Airport (by Richard Scarry). A good book for traveling, but also a wonderful picture book for kids who are eager for information about the world around them. And what kid isn't?
10.Brady Brady and the Great Rink (and other books by Mary Shaw and Chuck Temple). Nicholas happens to be a hockey nut, so when I stumbled upon this series in a hockey store, I knew I'd hit gold. The books feature the escapades of a little boy named Brady who likes to sleep with his hockey helmet on. Perfect for aspiring hockey players. :)

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  1. The Day The Babies Crawled Away. Silhouette art, rhymes that are fun for grownups too.